Activities, related to the cultivation

UAB “Agropro” had cultivated hemp fiber in 107 hectares in 2013, and already it was grown in 500 ha of certified organic fields in 2014. UAB “Agropro” cultivates hemp in 1,600 hectares in 2015, where the large part constitutes certified organic fields. We intend to grow hemp in the area of 2,500 ha in 2016.

Since 2014 UAB “Agropro” (production of food) works only with by 100% organic raw material and only with FINOLA variety of hemp seeds, grown in certified organic farms of Lithuania. We work only with selected certified organic farms, co-operate with the Public Institution Ekoagros that provides the activity of organic agriculture and food certification and control. Raw materials and organic products of UAB “Agropro” are checked at least 3 times a year.