We believe that only the raw material of perfect quality can ensure the quality of the food, so we have been controlling the cultivation of hemp seeds on farms and their way up to the processing workshop even for 2 years before the start of the processing:

1. We ourselves grow a certified propagating material (seeds for sowing, category C) from the propagating material of elite category (B) in Lithuania.
2. The certified propagating material is supplied to selected certified organic farms in Lithuania, where we control soil preparation, the use of certified organic fertilizers, period of sowing, additional fertilization using certified ecological fertilizers, THC studies (together with authorized state institutions), ecological studies (together with authorized state institutions), the of thrashing, cleaning and drying methods and tools.
3. Only safe raw material grown from super elite seeds planted by us even two years ago is recycled later, and becomes one of the products of the highest categories.

In 2013, Agropro yield was 100 tons of hemp seeds, which grew on the fields of 107 hectares in Radviliškis district, and in 2014 – on already certified organic farms of 500 hectares in Lithuania. In 2015, UAB “Agropro” sowed with hemp seeds yet a record area in the Baltic countries – 1,600 hectares. In 2016, we intend to cultivate the area of already 2500 ha.

Processing – Manufacturing

All subspecies of hemps legally grown in the European Union can be processed successfully into a number of raw material intended for healthy nutrition, ecological construction, car industry, cosmetics and textiles or finished products.

Currently, UAB “Agropro” can offer the buyers the following raw materials for the food industry and products: properly cleaned and dried organic hemp seeds, organic peeled hemp seeds, organic hemp seed oil, organic hemp protein, organic hemp flour, as well as organic hemp seed cake.


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