“Agropro” step into Korea

“Agropro” step into Korea

At the end of October, the producer, processor and seller of the organic hemp “Agropro” took part in the meeting of the program “EU Gateway” held in Korea thus strengthening its position on Asian markets.


“The countries of the European Union are considered one of the largest investors in Korea (it is estimated that EUR 6 billion was invested in 2014), where the tendency of healthier food and beverages is quite strong recently. Organic food market in Singapore in 2016 has grown by 4 percent, in South Korea – by 8.9 percent”, – says the head of “Agropro” Paulius Paršeliūnas.


Trends in Korea


During the meetings in Korea, astrong interest in vegetable proteins, organic hemp oil was felt, the growing figures of sales of ecological apples, strawberries, tofu, biscuits, milk and other products were calculated, and organic hemp seeds appeared to be the top product on the market.


“It is very important to the Koreans what they eat – food takes a big part in their lives, so the requirements for quality are very high. It is important for them that imported products comply with the standards applied to organic food as well as they would arrive from a reliable country”, said Mr. P. Paršeliūnas.


The “EU Gateway” platform created 27 years ago aims to improve economic interaction and cooperation between Europe and Japan. The program involves over 3870 European companies engaged in 20 different business areas. Over 22,000 meetings in Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam have been organized.


UAB “Agropro” is owned by UAB “ACME Grupė”. The company is the biggest hemp grower, processing company and retailer in the Baltic countries, as well as being the largest grower of organic hemp in Europe.