Non- drug Cannabis sativa L. family hemp is classified as hemp fiber, which has not more than 0.2 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC is the natural psychoactive substance) in dried substance. It is grown exclusively for industrial purposes (fiber and seed), or horticultural purposes. Hemp fiber is the crop that was used for centuries in Lithuania. It is believed that hemp (and millet) was one of the earliest cultivated plants. Hemp is nutritious, fast growing, and resistant to weeds and pests plant.

FINOLA variety of hemp has been developed in Finland by breeder Ph.D. Jace Callaway, so it perfectly suits for prevailing climate of Lithuania.

FINOLA is hemp variety, nurtured for food production, and oil extraction. This is a special variety of hemp that assures 1-2 tons of seed yield per hectare in chemically treated farm, and 500 kg – 1 ton of seed yield per hectare in organic farm. FINOLA grow up to 160-180 cm in height, so, unlike for hemp fiber that can reach up to 4 meters in height, FINOLA is easily threshed by standard agricultural machinery.

FINOLA developmental morphology

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