EU Organic Hemp products were introduced in Beijing

EU Organic Hemp products were introduced in Beijing

Environmentally friendly hemp fibre products produced by “Agropro” was presented at the exhibition “China AG Trade Fair 2017” (CAFT) in Beijing, China, on 21 – 24 September 2017.

The organizers having more than 14 years of experience say that CATF is one of the largest exhibitions in the agricultural industry, which has been successfully taking place since 2003.

At the CATF exhibition, the enterprises had the opportunity to present their achievements in agricultural development, to encourage trade in agricultural products, to promote advanced technologies and to facilitate international agricultural exchanges and cooperation.

According to the head of “Agropro” Paulius Paršeliūnas, it is important for the enterprises seeking to step on the Chinese market to participate in the exhibition of this magnitude.

“Over 500 largest enterprises engaged in the development of agriculture participate in the exhibition, more than 5000 manufacturers, exporters, farmers and importers from across China attend the exhibition as well”, – the head emphasizes the advantages of the exhibition.

A few facts about agriculture in China

In order to deal with the global financial crisis, the Chinese government is actively increasing funds for the development of the bio-environment of irrigation structures in agriculture, providing grants for acquisition of seeds, agricultural tools, machinery, etc.

Currently, China is estimated to have about 0.9 million of farmers, which encourages the Chinese government to maintain stability, promote economic development, implement innovations, and ensure the growth of agriculture.