Production of organic hemp seed oil

We produce organic virgin hemp seed oil by low temperature pressing only from certified organic hemp grains, grown in the EU, we control the initial raw material already in organic farms. Oil is extracted only from mechanically cleaned (eliminating all other seeds and other impurities) and dried (at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius) raw materials. Before extracting oil, each consignment of raw materials shall be individually tested for possible microbiological (yeast, fungi, the total number of bacteria, E. coli, enterobacteriaceae), and chemical (peroxides, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.) pollution, processing only selected and top class material.

Oil is extracted only by low temperature pressing method, that is, hemp and oil temperature during extracting process does not rise that 40 degrees Celsius. Thereby all the nutritional properties (omega 3, omega 6, omega 9, vitamins, etc.) are preserved.

The oil is extracted only by virgin pressure, that is, hemp grains are pressed only once, not attempting to “pull out” oil residues from hemp grain cake. Such process is used in economy class (such as canola) oil production, which does not have a high quality, so this method (second or repressure) is avoided. Extracted oil is left in the dark (closed container) for natural stratification; thus within 2-4 days the particles of hemp grain germ oil settle on the container bottom, while clean and free of oil sludge is poured into another container (nutritional container of IBC type or oil bottles), where it reaches the buyer.