Production of organic hulled hemp seed

We produce organic hulled hemp seeds only from certified organic hemp grains, grown in the EU, controlling the future raw material already in organic farms. Seeds are hulled only from mechanically cleaned (eliminating all other seeds and other impurities) and dried (at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius) raw materials. Before the process of hulling seeds, each consignment of raw materials shall be individually examined for possible microbiological (yeast, fungi, the total number of bacteria, E. coli, enterobacteriaceae), and chemical (peroxides, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.) pollution, processing only selected and top class material.

Seeds are hulled only by low temperature, mechanical hulling method, that is, hemp grain (raw materials) and hulled hemp seed temperature during hulling process does not rise above 40 degrees Celsius. Thereby, all the nutritional properties (omega 3, omega 6, omega 9, vitamins, etc.) are preserved.

During the process of hulling, hemp grains by the help of air flow are shoot at high speed to rotating ceramic disk, in this case hemp kernel is separated from the shell, after that they are separated at gravity table. Hulled hemp seeds (kernels) are later sieved and cleaned by the optical separator from residues of shell, crushed cores, etc.